CUBRO offers fronts for IKEA structures: doors, drawersones, panels, handles and baseboards. Our fronts are designed to fit IKEA structures in Kitchens (Metod and Faktum), Closets (Pax) and Bathrooms (Godmorgon). Therefore, our fronts replace IKEA fronts without the need for the customer to buy IKEA fronts to get rid of them.

The rest of the furniture elements such as hinges, drawer railsones, cabinets, legs and interior accessories are bought at IKEA. Due to IKEA's high production volume, its value for money is unbeatable compared to any competitor.

the fronts CUBRO They are prepared to adapt to IKEA structures in its Kitchen (METOD and FAKTUM), Wardrobes (PAX), and Bathroom Furniture (GODMORGON) ranges. However, they are not compatible with the structures of the BESTA, PLATSA ranges or those of other brands outside of IKEA. The only exception is Leroy Merlin's DELINIA ID range, which we also include in our production model.

We have a showroom only in Madrid that you can visit to see our products live.
However, CUBRO it is a digital concept and we will allow you to improve the quality of our products through a large number of images online. If you want to touch and feel the quality of our materials, you can order samples in our e-shop.

These samples will be refunded to you when you place your order for fronts!

The amount of your front samples will be deducted from your front order.
We will reimburse the amount directly to the same account with which you made the online payment, which will not allow you to modify the current price. Just remind us when confirming the order.

METOD structures are traditionally used in the kitchen, but they are very versatile and can be used as bathroom furniture or entrance furniture.

To design a hanging bathroom furniture with CUBRO, we recommend that you use hanging wall furniture and 60 cm in height. It is always convenient in the bathroom to leave furniture well ventilated and separated from the floor to avoid excess water or humidity that could damage the furniture.

We also recommend that you check out our projects on the site and our Instagram page where you will find many projects other than kitchens.

We explain the steps to follow to have your furniture CUBRO:

- Items CUBRO: the fronts (doors or drawersones), the countertop (as long as you want it made of our material and not stone/porcelain), the side panels, the plinths and the handles.
– Necessarily buy at IKEA: structures, hinges, drawer railsones, feet of structures. IKEA sells its frames without the fronts, so you don't have to buy fronts from IKEA if you choose fronts CUBRO.
– Choose between IKEA or another brand: appliances, lighting, accessories and the stone or marble countertop.