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Top quality fronts for
your IKEA furniture

We are a company founded in Madrid in 2019 by Jaime Pont and Jorge Cienfuegos. Two passionate about good design and functionality that one day set out to change the way a kitchen is designed. Each door and drawer is designed and handcrafted in our workshops in Madrid.

Who we are

We come from different industries, but not related to the kitchen or furniture world. We set out to bring to this category learnings we had discovered in other sectors that we thought would work in the design world.

Our values

We merge craftsmanship and technology to bring back to the design industry the human factor and the care for raw materials through the use of new industrial techniques.


All our production is made in workshops in Spain. It is important to us because it allows us to have a high quality control over the outcome and improvement processes.

Our Mission

We aspire to bring good design and customization to all our customers. We believe that a good product manufactured with quality materials and with the care of a handcrafted finish should be present in many homes without an exorbitant cost.