Let your kitchen be a reflection of your style

The kitchen is the center of the home and we spend more and more hours in it, working, cooking, doing homework or enjoying a glass of wine with friends and family. 

The furniture in your kitchen as well as in your living room should reflect your style and integrate harmoniously with the rest of your home.

Now with CUBRO You can choose from an infinity of finishes and combinations.ones to design a unique kitchen.

lacquer range image kitchen

Getting your ideal kitchen has never been so easy

The buying process in a traditional kitchen store is complex and involves high prices with little transparency.

CUBRO is reinventing the way of buying kitchens. Receive your budget in 24 hours, choose your favorite finish with samples from the comfort of your home and let our design experts advise you via video call.

We help you make the IKEA purchase, we recommend professionals and we make sure to clarify all your doubts about the assembly.

Why lean on IKEA?

IKEA offers the best value for money in kitchen furniture. Their Metod kitchens are based on a modular system similar to a LEGO that allows endless possibilities when designing your kitchen. In addition, with the interior accessories and the organizers you can have everything perfectly organized inside.

To this we add a wide range of electrical appliances from the best brands (Bosch, Electrolux and Whirlpool) and a 25-year guarantee on cabinets, hinges, drawers.ones.

Now you can have a unique kitchen by combining the structures and interior accessories of IKEA with the fronts of CUBRO.

Next steps to move forward with your kitchen project

Share your project with us to receive a quote

Choose your design with samples and online advice

Receive your custom project in just 6 weeks

Ranges of finishes CUBRO

Find the finish that best suits your project among our 4 ranges and more than 50 options.ones of finishes.


Continuous color on face and edges.
Matte and silky touch.


The warmth of natural wood.
Combine with any finish.


Great resistance to daily use.
Matte and silky touch.


Exclusive natural finish with a soft and warm touch.
Wood edges.

Handles CUBRO

Personalize your kitchen with the appropriate handle for the style of the project


When designing a kitchen it is important to correctly choose the right material for the countertop. CUBRO offers countertops in all the finishes of its Laminate and Linoleum ranges and works with marble masons to offer natural stone and porcelain countertops.

Natural stone

Inspiration for your kitchen project

There are so many combinationones as ideas are imagined for each of the projects. Guide yourself through the different references, bet on your style and let our team of designers advise you.