Natural wood to give a warm and timeless touch

Natural wood finishes in four finishes: oak, ash, cherry and walnut.





Please note that the colors on your screen may differ from the actual color. Contact us if you want to receive selected colors.

A living and natural material

We use fine natural wood veneers on MDF boards. This process makes the use of the raw material more optimal and responsible. The result is a compact, stable and durable board. Wood is a natural material. Each tree is unique, so there may be variations in pieces of the same type of wood.ones of tone and shape of the grain.

Maintaining your natural beauty

These boards are finished in our workshops with water-based varnishes. This varnish fully protects them, making them more durable and avoiding periodic maintenance treatments.

Range Properties

Each one offers characteristics and resistances according to their materials and finishes.

General alteration due to useUnalterableevolveUnalterableevolve
scratch resistanceMediaMediaAltaMedia
stain resistanceAltaMediaAltaMedia

Do you have doubts with the coating?

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